Materials & Technology

In recent years, the construction industry has witnessed significant technological advancements, and up-to-date technology has become a key criterion for evaluating a company’s competence. Favorably, the Mexican Chamber of the Construction Industry (CMIC) states that due to the indispensable role construction has in the value chain, out of 100 pesos that are destined for this activity in Mexico, 43 out of a 100 pesos are used to buy materials and acquire services. The materials and technology subsector is thus a crucial component of the industry’s value chain.

Despite the age-old importance of materials, society’s needs evolve and sustainable practices develop, higher quality, as well as more durable and environmentally friendly materials are needed to meet the needs of clients and respect local regulations. Similarly, better technology is needed to lower costs and improve efficiencies within construction projects. According to Chalmers University in Sweden, the ultimate performance of most products, whether it be a structure or a piece of equipment, is limited by the performance of materials. Yet, materials and technologies not only need to perform in a technical manner, but also in an economical and societal context. The challenge of materials and technology providers is thus to offer tailored products with improved properties at competitive prices.

This chapter features insights from the construction materials and technology sector, including suppliers of cement, explosives, steel, coatings, boring machines, chemicals, and construction equipment. It provides an overview of the latest advancements in construction materials and presents the most innovative construction technology available in the current market.


  • Development of innovative materials which provide lasting solutions
  • Shift to more environmentally friendly construction materials
  • Design and building-enhancing software developments
  • Cost-reducing technological advancements for the future