Doing Business in Mexico

The National Infrastructure Program (NIP) 2014-2018 offers an attractive set of opportunities for all those involved or looking to delve into infrastructure projects in Mexico. Through an unprecedented level of investment meant to improve Mexico’s energy, urban development and housing, commercial and tourism, communications and transport, water, and finally, health sectors, the infrastructure industry in Mexico is bound to boom during the present and coming administration.

Nevertheless, great uncertainty still exists in terms of the implementation of the NIP and other important reforms such as the Energy Reform. The government’s ability to capitalize on opportunities it is creating within the country will define the near and long-term future of Mexico’s infrastructure. The effectiveness of this program will not only influence the performance of Mexico’s key sectors but will also greatly impact the lives of Mexico’s citizens.

This chapter closes the book with perspectives from key leaders regarding the future of the industry, as well as providing a concise overview of the main opportunities discussed in this book. Experts from the public and private sector moreover discuss the critical factors for succeeding in the changing environment Mexico is finding itself in.


  • Long-term outcomes of NIP
  • Main opportunities for private sector actors
  • Future outlook for the industry
  • Human Capital Availability