Industrial Parks

With the aim of offering an integrated solution to companies looking to acquire high quality real estate including all basic services and utilities, the concept of industrial parks has rapidly spread throughout Mexico. The high standards offered by industrial parks create advantages for companies looking to establish their operations in Mexico, such as certainty of land ownership, access to main trade routes, existence of local suppliers, availability of human resources, and added value services (security and maintenance), among others.

Mexico┬┤s number of industrial parks has increased by almost 300% since 1986, from 127 to 550. While the Mexican Association of Industrial Parks (AMPIP) claims that its members invest over US$2 billion within the country every year, it has voiced a series of concerns for the industrial parks sector and the country’s economy in general. Among these concerns is the migration of companies to BRIC countries, the lack of FDI for technological excellence, and the erosion of tariff preferences. AMPIP claims that industrial parks in Mexico aim to help the country’s industries compete at a more permanent commercial advantage rather than depending FTAs and Mexico’s strategic location.

This chapter includes insights into the main industrial park construction companies and operators, in order to reveal the true profitability and economic impact industrial park infrastructure has on the country. It features success stories of the main industrial parks in Mexico and delves into innovations spearheaded by industrial parks around the country.


  • Major projects for 2016
  • Sustainable building practices in industrial parks
  • Competitive services offered
  • Microparks and other industrial park trends
  • Business parks